DJ Jean

DJ Jean boeken

DJ JEAN, a name who left his indelible traces in the contemporary national and international club scene. Well known for his turntable skills, his notoriously rebellious dissolute lifestyle and especially as a dedicated DJ! He was also one of the first and very few DJ’s who gained his well earned status of a real Dutch celebrity! Jean is distinctive and overloaded with multiple awards, such as the SENA Award, an award for most played Club DJ on Dutch radio in the past ten years, he has been voted as Best Club DJ for several times ! On top of that, he recently, late in 2009, received the very prestigious Slam FM Ouvre Award! There are also numerous nominations at big Award shows like the TMF Awards and Silver Star Dance in the UK. And by the way, let's not forget he is the most booked DJ, 'ever', in The Netherlands.
His name counts many International classics / anthems as 'The Launch' and 'Every Single Day', but also more recent highly successful co-productions as 'Original Dutch' (#1 on and 'The Bomb', Jean is the only Dutch DJ who produced over more than 30 compilation CD’s ('IT' 4 to 9, 'Madhouse' 1 to 12), for a total sales both national as international of 500,000 CD’s! Also because of this international success, Jean has been spinning records at almost every party place all over the world! In over 20 countries and at numerous festivals in the most prominent and well known clubs! On the party Island Ibiza he played in all mayor clubs such as Amnesia, Pacha and Privilege. His homebase remains in The Netherlands, where he’s also a very welcome guest at parties from 50 to 50.000 people.
This high degree of flexibility in terms of locations, price and musical interpretation, makes sure his popularity is still that huge in his homeland, that means both with his own as with the latest generation of clubbers! The youngest and last generation’s even call DJ Jean the founder of the modern house and DJ scene, or Godfather Of House! This almost iconic status is obviously not created “just like that”, we’re talking about a DJ who does not want to be labeled for one particular musical style, but who loves to explore the rich variety of dance movements and always aims for the best during every gig! Whether it’s a grand cafe, a student party, club, festival, erotic or company event, his audience is the most important at any time; With Jean playing, no dancefloor is safe anymore, you better get ready to rock!!